Clementines’ State of mine

This is the third year in a row that I have taken my kids on a road trip.  The frist year was to Mount Rushmore as the main destination, and last year was Glacier National park in Montana and Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, let alone the Badlands in South Dakota. This year we are on our way to Springfield Illinois via Route 66 and the whole family is along.

Sunday, July 5th was the first night on the trip we left San Jose at 7pm and made it to Barstow at 130am.  My dad drove Sunday and along the way we saw these cool looking blue lights on the side of one of the many freeways we went on he couldn’t see it and knowing my car has a back up camera we joked about him doing a mater and driving backward. Lol.  We saw where the Borox mine and Andrews air force base is. I didn’t take any real photos on Sunday due to the night.

Monday July 6th we officially started the Route 66 trip. In Barstow we saw the Barstow Station which is a McDonald’s, a donut shop, a subway, many retail shops and a bus depot all into one. Once we left Barstow we were on our way, we drove on the historic Route 66 in some spots and took pictures of the markers on the road with the old Route 66 emblem.  I also found some old pieces of tin cans and glass bottles from the time on the side of the road which are not photographed. We weren’t able to stay on that part of Route 66 due to really rough road but got back on I-40 and then off again at Ludlow and saw a cafe I did not get a picture of the outside of the building but did get a picture of the sign and old mine cars out front with my kids. rhe next town down the road which was on Route 66 was Amboy and there we found a cafe called Roy’s with a gas station right out front. The significant step of this is that we have some friends in Japantown in San Jose that transformed Roy’s station which was a gas station during the 50’s into Roy’s Coffee and Teas. The next stop after Amboy was Needles and if you don’t need gas and can wait until Kingman do in Needles gas starts at $5 per gallon very expensive and then as soon as you get to Kingman drops down to $2.99 per gallon. But in Needles they had a single shop that had emblems of the Route 66 signs from other states on the building which is pictured, and also stickers and postcards from various years on the tables of Route 66. In Kingman Arizona we saw the inspiration for Flo’s station. And the old Route 66 road signs. In Seligman Arizona they had a giftshop with the Sherrif, the bus which I can’t remember and I believe Ramone. The gift shop was closed by time we got there at 630 or 7pm with a park next door With a gazebo. Also, in this town there was the Delagato’s snow cap hamburger joint on the menu was malts, tacos, burritos, and dead chicken. Lol. And the best shanti I would want to go in with a running toilet. And if this not what you were interested in as for food there was also the Roadkill Cafe. Today we are off to the Grand Canyon.

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